Soundwave 2013 Melbourne Timetable Released

It’s the news Soundwave punters in Melbourne have been hanging out for: the timetable for the city’s leg of the biggest festival of Summer 2013 is here.

Following the release of Brisbane and Sydney’s timetables last week, and the “whingefest” that came about afterwards, festival boss AJ Maddah delayed the release of timetables in the other cities to make a few changes in Brisbane and Sydney (which will be revealed soon).

As FasterLouder reported, Maddah also promised fans in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth can expect “very different” timetables in each of these cities.

Well, now we have our answers. So, start scribbling and circling, and hit up AJ on his Twitter with your thoughts (he seriously has called out for them). Something tells me he’s gonna have a long night of tweeting ahead!

Adelaide will be getting its timetable later tonight, and it’s set to be “almost identical” to Melbourne.

Perth Soundwave fans, you will get your timetable on Wednesday, if Maddah is true to his word. Maps and Transport information for all cities will be made available in the next week or so.

Update 13/02/2013: New revised timetables have been released to address some clashes. The new timetables are below.

Update 22/02/2013: Final timetable has been released.

Friday 1st March Melbourne – Flemington Racecourse

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