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Soundwave 2015 Lineup: Patent Pending

Written by Greg Moskovitch on August 5, 2014

UPDATE: New acts added to Soundwave 2015! Keep up to date here!

The Soundwave 2015 First Wave is slowly but surely coming together and Music Feeds is excited to be announcing the latest act confirmed for Soundwave 2015. Having kicked things off with Coldrain yesterday, we can now confirm that they’ll be joined by US pop-punkers Patent Pending.

Patent Pending were one of a crop of bands who Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah originally intended on inviting to the 2014 Vans Warped Tour Australia. But with Warped 2014 keeping Stateside this year, Maddah was just as happy to have the New York natives for his flagship event.

Who are they?

Patent Pending hail from Mount Sinai, New York and formed in 2001, self-releasing six records before putting out a full-length studio effort in 2006, titled Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine. The album was originally titled Save The Children, The Whales Are Doing Fine, but legal action by a disgruntled Save the Children Foundation unfortunately put the kibosh on those plans.

This should give newcomers some idea of just who Patent Pending are as a band. If not, look no further than other titles in their oeuvre, such as Meet the Fat Kids and Patent Pending Is Your Biological Father. These guys often keep tongue firmly in cheek, with a Beastie Boys-like irreverence.

“The band have been going for 12 years. As Joe [Ragosta, singer] says himself, ‘We were just a band who didn’t know when to give up.’ And it’s a good job they never did.” – Rock Industry Magazine

Watch: Patent Pending – Douchebag

What do they sound like?

Patent Pending’s music is marked by the same sense of humour that permeates their album and song titles, artwork, and their live performances, which definitely need to be talked about. Their music has also touched on serious subjects like suicide prevention.

You can place Patent Pending’s sound firmly in the post-Blink-182 era of pop-punk, with uplifting, melodic choruses that scream “Sing it with me!” This is set against a lean guitar-bass-drums soundbed, though the band are known to experiment with keys and even chiptune elements.

“It’s very rare that we come across an album that is so full of exuberance and giddiness that it makes us want to jump around enthusiastically and fist pump shamelessly like we’re in a Simple Plan video.” – Bring The Noise

Watch: Patent Pending – The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief! (Official Lyric Video)

What are they like live?

When it comes to experiencing Patent Pending live, we implore you to check your cynicism at the door and prepare yourself for a good time. And if you don’t, then hopefully frontman Joe Ragosta‘s rants about Justin Bieber and the boy-band dance moves (see below) will loosen you up a little.

These guys are gonna be the band that everyone’s talking about the day after Soundwave. Their performances are consistently lauded as entertaining spectacles filled with stunts, jokes, non-stop audience interaction, great tunes and chops that have seen them tour with the likes of Bowling For Soup.

“With their high energy assault and abundance of jokes, the entire crowd were swept into their hands, lapping up every moment. From the cover of Backstreet Boys hit ‘I Want It That Way’ to the wall of hugs and high fives or even their own number ‘Douchebag’, the band played a blinder. One of the best opening sets we’ve seen in a while – brilliant.” – Birmingham Live

Watch: Patent Pending – Anti-Everything at Download Festival 2013

For fans of…

Speaking of Bowling For Soup, the boys have regularly drawn comparisons to the Texas pop-punk veterans, who recruited them for their Farewell UK tour. Patent Pending have also been compared to the likes of Simple Plan, Zebrahead, Sparks The Rescue, I Call Fives, and American Hi-Fi.

If you like your bands witty but unpretentious, poppy but not saccharine, and above all, fun, then Patent Pending are for you. If you want your Soundwave experience peppered with exciting, hilarious, and often outright bizarre memories, highlight Patent Pending on your timetable.

Watch: Patent Pending – Brighter (Lyric Video)

Soundwave Festival 2015 Lineup

Patent Pending
Butcher Babies
+ more to be announced!

Saturday, 21st February & Sunday, 22nd February 2015
Bonython Park, Adelaide, South Australia

Saturday, 21st February & Sunday, 22nd February 2015
Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday, 28th February & Sunday, 1st March 2015
Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales

Saturday, 28th February & Sunday, 1st March 2015
RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, Queensland

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