Soundwave 2015 Act Twin Atlantic Are Plotting An Aussie Tour For Early Next Year

Twin Atlantic made their first ever trip to Australia as part of the lineup for Soundwave 2015, which – unbeknownst to them – would become the final ever instalment of the beloved heavy music fest.

But they had so much fun while they were in town, that they’re looking to do it all again this Summer.

“We’re talking about [touring Australia again] as early in the New Year as we can,” frontman Sam McTrusty tells Music Feeds. “It’s cheesy to say but we’ve been talking about going back like the fuckin’ day we left.”

“We’re making serious plans about hopefully coming over in January or February, so that’s quite soon. That’d be quite cool,” he says.

A lot’s happened in the Twin Atlantic camp since the band last visited our shores. The Glasgow foursome came to the brink of breaking up, decided not to, and then hit the studio to punch out what could legitimately be their best album to date.

Packing a grittier, heavier, more balls-to-the-wall sound, Twin Atlantic’s fourth disc GLA marks a complete rebirth for the band, and McTrusty says touring Australia last year helped them to get there.

“It actually had a bit of a profound effect on our band – to be that far away from home,” he reveals. “And not many – but a few – people knew who we were and, like, sang along at the shows and knew the words. And I think it changed us a little bit. When we came home we had a bit more… extra drive. And we wanted to keep that going. We’re desperate to come back to Australia!”

McTrusty also says the lads were “in absolute awe of the country and the people”.

“We weren’t even thinking about music, we were just like ‘Oh my god, this place is just so beautiful… And there’s so many people here like us’, you know?”

“Australia seems to be so – at least from my experience – made up of subcultures and alternatives to mainstream that it just felt like a really inspiring place to be… and also people just love to fuckin’ party,” he chuckles.

Twin Atlantic’s new album GLA is out now.

Catch our full and very candid chat with frontman Sam McTrusty – where he also dishes about how changing their sound literally saved the band from breaking up – right here.

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