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UPDATE 20/08/14: The Soundwave Festival 2015 lineup has arrived! Full details here.

Soundwave 2014 is now but a memory and fans now have only their merch to remind them of the good times. Despair not, as there’s only 34 weeks left till Soundwave 2015 and Music Feeds is here to keep you up to speed with all of the news, leaks, rumours, and who’s confirmed for the lineup!

In order to make punters’ dreams just a little more vivid, Music Feeds has decided to create a place for Soundwave fans to come and get all the latest info coming out of Soundwave HQ and, of course, the main man when it comes to Australia’s premier hard rock festival: Mr Arash “AJ” Maddah.

This page will be subject to constant updates and revisions so that we can keep you up to date with everything Soundwave 2015-related, from date and venue news, to ticket release times, pre-sales, and prices, as well as general hype and news, and of course, the all-important SW15 lineup.

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The Soundwave 2015 lineup has finally arrived (see below) after months’ worth of rumours and sleepless nights for metalheads and punk fans desperate to know what’s on the menu next year. Soundwave’s first-ever two-day event is topped by Faith No More, Soundgarden, and Slipknot.

In the days following the lineup announcement, there’s been plenty of new info about Australia’s favourite hard rock festival. All eyes have now turned to the second lineup announcement, which AJ Maddah recently revealed will arrive some time in September bearing “around 14” new bands.

Maddah has also revealed that despite previous claims, there will not be a fourth headliner added to the current lineup. He said he decided to go with Marilyn Manson and Slash instead of a fourth headliner, though held out the possibility of another headliner if the right band presented itself.

Despite previous comments indicating that organisers try to avoid “repeat[ing] bands every year” and booking “too many bands that have toured in the previous 18 months“, the promoter has informed Music Feeds that the Soundwave 2015 lineup could potentially have one returning band.

For fans looking to share a little one-on-one time with their favourite bands, i.e. a few seconds, and maybe get a shirt signed, Maddah has confirmed that “everyone, besides Slipknot, is invited to do signings.” Maddah said having Slipknot in the signing tent would result in “fucking pandemonium“.

Maddah has also teased the announcement of a “Justice League Of Rock” supergroup on the impending second lineup for the 2015 event, which is believed to feature another 14 bands. Although the promoter has yet to mention any names, speculation has already begun. He also said he was just one “metal band” away from being ready to announce the second lineup.

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AJ Maddah has revealed that this year’s venues will be exactly the same as last year’s. Adelaide will be held at Bonython Park and Melbourne at Flemington Racecourse on the first weekend of the tour, then Sydney at Olympic Park and Brisbane and RNA Showgrounds over the second weekend.

The most obvious change between Soundwave’s 2014 and 2015 events will be the much talked-about elimination of festival’s Perth leg, though he has confirmed he’s working on an airline deal for West Australian fans.

Asked about the possibility of an expansion to Auckland, Maddah previously told a follower it was a “maybe.”

Maddah has informed a Twitter follower that festival organisers are “close to a deal with Virgin [Airlines]” for Western Australian residents looking to fly in for Soundwave.


Maddah revealed via Twitter (in keeping with his usual MO) that Soundwave 2015 would see some mega date changes, being the first year the festival will be held across two days, on the same weekend in Adelaide and Melbourne, then the next weekend in Brisbane and Sydney.

“So half the bands play day 1. The other half play day 2. They criss-cross Saturday/Sunday in each city,” the promoter said.

“Putting the line-up across 2 days enables us to minimise clashes; give bands longer sets, better staging, production & infrastructure. I am also hoping that this will give fans better value for money and a less stressful day.”

Soundwave Festival 2015 Confirmed Dates

Saturday, 21st February & Sunday, 22nd February 2015

Bonython Park, Adelaide, South Australia

Saturday, 21st February & Sunday, 22nd February 2015

Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday, 28th February & Sunday, 1st March 2015

Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales

Saturday, 28th February & Sunday, 1st March 2015

RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane, Queensland


The members pre-sale for Soundwave 2015 tickets launched two days after the lineup dropped, with general public tickets set to go on sale Friday, 29th August at 9am local time. Maddah has indicated that single-day tickets will go on sale with general public tickets if weekend passes don’t sell out.

Weekend tickets will set you back $188 + booking fees, while the single-day tickets, if indeed released, will be priced at $132 + booking fees. General public tickets will be available for purchase through the official Soundwave Festival website, as well as official ticketing outlets.

Organisers have now confirmed that one-day tickets to Soundwave 2015 will indeed hit sale with the release of general public weekend tickets. Both rounds of tickets will be available from 9am local time this Friday, 29th August, with one-day tickets priced at $132.00 + booking fees.

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Punters are already asking Maddah about which bands will be spending some one-on-one time with their fans, though the promoter has indicated that the matter has not yet been discussed with most of the bands on the lineup. Maddah did, however, find the time to declare headliners Faith No More and Slipknot “exclusive to the festival” along with “a few others” not yet specified.

According to Maddah, Sidewaves will most likely fall between the two weekends of the festival, though “one or two” may be scheduled for before the tour commences or after it finishes. There will be more room for Sidewaves as there will now be five days between festival weekends instead of four, however Maddah has indicated that there will now be “less Sidewaves per city.”

With no Soundwave in Perth, Maddah was asked about the possibility of staging Sidewaves instead. The promoter gave a definitive “no.” Regarding the possibility of rural shows, he said, “Most bands love Aus and would play Wagga if given the chance. Generally not feasible though.”

The closure of Melbourne’s beloved The Palace means double bad news for Melburnians. In addition to sending shockwaves throughout the city’s live music scene, Maddah has confirmed its closure will affect Sidewaves in the Aussie live music hub “big time,” as well as headline tours.

Having previously told fans that the possibility of Adelaide Sidewaves depended on how well festival tickets sold in the city, Maddah recently gave one follower a sobering update on the situation, tweeting, “At this rate there will be no Adelaide sideshows.”

While things are suddenly not looking so good for the South Australian capital on the Sidewaves front, Maddah has confirmed New Zealand will receive “a few” sideshows this time around and possibly “a mini fest done by [a] NZ promoter.” It’s not the first time that there’s been talk of a NZ Soundwave.

In the wake of Maddah’s departure from Big Day Out, the promoter stated on Twitter that it is “possible” that a Soundwave showcase could come to New Zealand in place of BDO. He also stated that if Soundwave NZ does indeed go ahead, Olly Martin, the promoter of Westfest — an Auckland-based event with a hard rock-centred lineup that is similar to Soundwave — would be involved in some capacity.

Maddah has confirmed that Melbourne will get its “fair share” of Sidewaves and that they will mostly be held in the week following the festival, mainly “Monday to Wednesday”.

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Though timetables for SW14 came a few weeks before the event was set to launch, Maddah told a follower earlier this month that the timetables for 2015 “are just about done.” When asked recently when fans could expect their arrival, he replied, “With 2nd announcement. It is already done!”

Naturally, the festival’s new two-day format will see some big changes applied to the timetables and the staging of the event. When Maddah first announced the new format, he insisted that “putting the line-up across 2 days enables us to minimise clashes; give bands longer sets, [and] better staging.”

Though the promoter had previously stated that next year’s festival would occur across seven stages as opposed to 12, he recently revealed that bands will play across just five stages. “[Five] per day. So 10 in effect,” he told followers. He also reiterated that there would be “longer sets.”

As for what fans can expect from the timetables, Maddah has confirmed that Lamb of God will perform on the metal stage and will “probably clash partially” with one of the day’s headliners, Faith No More and Soundgarden. The latter two will be taking care of business on the main stages. Maddah recently indicated that the clash between LOG and FNM is currently expected to be “10 mins“, though it “may change”.

Fans of Fall Out Boy and Slipknot will have something of a dilemma on their hands, with the ‘Day 2’ headliners confirmed as clashing with the pop punk heroes.

However, Of Mice & Men and Dayshell, the new project of former Of Mice & Men vocalist Shayley Bourget, will thankfully be sharing the same stage, one metalcore fans will assuredly flock to.

Maddah has also confirmed that Of Mice & Men will not be clashing with pop punkers All Time Low, Papa Roach, nor Fall Out Boy.

Judas Priest will perform on a separate stage to Slipknot and Slash and won’t be clashing with the former. However, there may be a partial clash between Priest and “Slash/Marilyn Manson.”

Fans of Slipknot and Marilyn Manson won’t have any problems on their hands, Maddah has assured Twitter followers that there’s “no chance” of a clash as they’ll be “on [the] same stage,” along with Papa Roach and Slash.

Despite only being around for a brief period of time, the sheer calibre of Antemasque‘s members will see them make their Soundwave debut on the main stage alongside Faith No More and Soungarden, so don’t worry about clashes.

Maddah has confirmed to one fan with exceptionally eclectic taste that New Found Glory will “probably” clash with “Faith No More, Soundgarden, Mayhem or Ministry.”

Though he admits he’s not sure, he doubts that Fireworks and The Color Morale will clash, and feels likewise about a clash between Crossfaith, Of Mice & Men, Butcher Babies, and Slipknot.

While Maddah’s already confirmed that Judas Priest won’t be performing on the main stage, he’s now added Fall Out Boy and Crossfaith to that list.

Fan of Tonight Alive and All Time Low are in luck. “From memory I think both are playing early afternoon on main stage,” says Maddah.

Sydney fans have received confirmation from Maddah that the Day Two Sydney main stage timetable will play host to a set by Marilyn Manson on stage 1A, with Slash on 1B and then Slipknot back on 1A. He also confirmed the annex stages will return

Maddah has said that the Soundwave 2015 timetables will arrive “shortly after” the second lineup is announced and that the acts featured on that lineup will play sets that are “spread over both days”.


Please note: Nothing on this page is confirmed until officially announced by Soundwave organisers.

UPDATE 20/08/14: The Soundwave Festival 2015 lineup has arrived! Full details here.


Good Chance

  • Frank Iero: Maddah replied “OK” when asked about the possibility of the former My Chemical Romance guitarist appearing on the second lineup announcement.
  • Overkill: Having promised a good old-school metal band for the second announcement, Maddah gave an enthusiastic “Why not!” when asked if Overkill would ever play Soundwave.
  • Millencolin: Maddah simply smiled when they were mentioned on Twitter.
  • Andrew McMahon: Maddah’s hoping he can get him for the second announcement.
  • The Pretty Reckless: There’s a “50/50” chance right now.
  • A Loss For Words: The band emailed Maddah, who looks keen to get them to SW15 before they disband next year.
  • Lacuna Coil: “Very good chance I reckon.”
  • Sydonia: Plans appear to be in motion.
  • Halestorm: When last asked about the group, Maddah indicated that they may be booked for SW15 at a later date.
  • Evergreen Terrace: Maddah’s “hoping to get them in for 2nd announcement.”


Long Shot

  • Zebrahead: “Haven’t heard from them in a while.”
  • Manowar: Maddah’s tweets indicate negotiations aren’t going great.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: Band are hoping to return in 2015.
  • Dallas Frasca: Doesn’t look likely.
  • Skeletonwitch: Taking over their cancelled tour wouldn’t be fair to the other promoter.
  • Emigrate: Maddah’s never heard of ’em.
  • Mr Bungle: “I am hopeful and will keep trying.”
  • Pixies: “Fuck yeah”, Maddah would be up for that one.
  • Sikth: Maddah loves them but isn’t sure if he can fit them on.
  • Circa Survive: “Possible but not probable” for the second announcement.
  • System of a Down: “Don’t hold your breath.”
  • 30 Seconds to Mars: “Not [a possibility] at this time.”
  • Mötörhead: Open invitation from Maddah.
  • Skunk Anansie: Were promised a ’14 spot, wanted too much money.
  • Hatebreed: Playing ’14 was discussed.
  • Puscifer: “Unlikely,” due Maynard James Keenan’s Tool commitments.
  • Dir En Grey: No plans for them, says Maddah.
  • Skillet: “Minimal” chance, says Maddah.
  • Taproot: The band say it’s “highly unlikely,” and Maddah didn’t protest.
  • Killswitch Enage: The band’s (really) recent tour likely takes them out of the running.
  • Voyager: Maddah’s not sure if he can fit them on Soundwave 2015, but they are firmly on his radar.
  • We The Kings: Maddah has no idea what’s happening with the Floridian rock group.
  • Good Charlotte: Hustled for a place on SW ’14.
  • Dropkick Murphys: Haven’t been ruled out for future SWs.
  • Say Anything: “Probably not.”
  • Volbeat: Maddah says he “met with their people… Putting a plan together atm,” most likely for a tour.
  • Buckcherry: Maddah says they’ve got a “minimal” chance of returning due to recent tour.
  • Killer Be Killed: “Not sure” about this epic metal supergroup.
  • Sepultura: Recently announced headline tour may take them out of the running.
  • Neurosis: First-ever Australian headline tour likely takes them out of the running.
  • Corrosion Of Conformity: Though Maddah says he would consider them if they got in touch, a new headline tour likely takes them out of the running.
  • Protest the Hero: There was a chance, now a headline tour looks like it’ll take them out of the running.
  • Kings Of Leon: When asked if KOL would ever play a SW, Maddah said, “That’s a question for them.”
  • Sleepwave: Haven’t been confirmed yet and time is running out.
  • Body Count: Chances are “not good.”
  • Babymetal: Uncertain. “It is very difficult to get answers from their people,” says Maddah.
  • Twenty One Pilots: They’re invited.
  • Dimmu Borgir: Should check their inbox.
  • All That Remains: Maddah says SW15 or a headline tour is “highly possible.”
  • Our Last Night : “Would love to have them back. Such a good band.” says Maddah.

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