Soundwave Revolution Festival For September? (Updated: Bands so far)

Update: The Soundwave Revolution Full line up has been announced

Promoters of the successful touring festival Soundwave have begun releasing rather cryptic clues regarding a new festival, Soundwave Revolution.

Not long after the summer punk and metal festival came to an end in February, organisers were quick to create a new Twitter, Facebook and website for another fest, with English punk five-piece Young Guns the first band announced on the bill.

Those in charge of the festival seem content to tantalise fans with mysterious clues, with one being ‘11029042 Viva La Revolution’. The number read backwards suggests the new festival will take place on September 24 2011.

The Music Network reports that the Daily Telegraph in Sydney quoted a festival spokesperson as describing the new event as “an alternative rock and punk festival”.

The quote continued, “There are so many acts who want to play the Soundwave Festival and so many we couldn’t put on. And there’s not a lot of room to grow in terms of crowd except in Sydney, so yes, absolutely, there is room in the market for another alternative rock and punk festival. And if we don’t do it, someone else will.”

The announce of Young Guns as first band on the bill seems to have come from Twitter, with Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah tweeting “Young Guns uk #swRevolution.”

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