Guns N Roses Perform in Sydney 12.03.13 / Photo: Peter Coates

AJ Maddah Breaks Silence On THAT Soundwave 2016 Headline Rumour

UPDATE 17/12/15 5.50pm: Soundwave 2016 has been officially cancelled.

Australian music media lost its collective mind last week when rumours started circulating that the country’s premier heavy music festival, Soundwave, had scored none other than Guns N’ Roses as its headline act AND that it would feature the original lineup with Slash and Axl back together again.

The rumour seemed to start on radio station Triple M with outspoken music fan and owner of Cherry Bar in Melbourne, James Young, taking to the airwaves saying he had sources confirming to him the GnR news.

Speaking tonight to Music Feeds, Soundwave boss AJ Maddah has finally spoken about the rumour, after uncharacteristically keeping quiet on Twitter and to the press. Unfortunately for GnR nuts, the titans of rock will not be at SW 16, as Maddah notes below:

“It’s been nice for me personally to share this fantasy for a few days along with the fans but it is not happening for SW16. I sure hope those guys do get back together again as there has never been, or as far as I am concerned ever will be such a potent force for rock’n roll than the original GNR in full flight.”

AJ continues that if Guns N’ Roses were to ever reform and head out on tour, it would take a hell of a lot more time than the rumoured January trip for SW16:

“If it does happen it is going to take longer than 6 months for the band to be ready to tour. I think it’ll take a hundred lawyers 6 months just to get the 5 of them into a rehearsal room together.”

Maddah does however put his hand up to be the man who brings out a reformed Guns N’ Roses, if it were to happen in the near future:

“But if by a miracle it does happen, then of course, I’ll throw everything I can to be involved and it would be my last act as a promoter as after that I’ll have nowhere to go!”

So there you have it SW fans, the man has spoken. Soundwave’s next lineup announcement is due in the coming week and Music Feeds will bring you the news. Head here for our current round up of ALL the SW16 lineup rumours and confirmed acts so far.

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