Splendour In The Grass 2010 – Rumour Mill Round-up

We’re still quite some time away from hearing an official lineup announcement from Splendour organisers, but already the Interwebs are flowing with rumoured appearances and so-called confirmations. Here’s a look at some of the bigger names that have been floating around, including some we’re pretty damn sure won’t be on the bill.

Hot Chip

Will probably tour on the back of latest album One Life Stand… In the midst of European, then American tour dates at the moment, in what they’ve confirmed is a world tour…

The Strokes

Just finished recording their new album… A couple of different sources have them locked in, but with Casablancas touring in May, and rumours of differences of opinion among band members still rife, this one seems unlikely.

LCD Soundsystem

Announced the completion of a new album in February, and there’s a distinct lack of tour announcements between the beginning of July (in Chicago) and the beginning of August (Oslo)… Quite a good chance they’ll be down under some time this year.

John Butler Trio

No strangers to Splendour, plus their new album drops April 23rd, so this one seems a shoe-in.


Bit of a long shot here, but they will be playing Coachella in April, and their new album Plastic Beach is out now… They’ve announced a series of warm-up shows in the UK leading up to Coachella, so it seems likely a world tour is in the works.

The Pixies

Right in the middle of a national (and international) Doolittle tour at the moment. Doesn’t make sense they’d head out again so soon, plus by the sounds of it they don’t really like each other…

Smashing Pumpkins

Haven’t announced any tour dates this year yet, and they’re rehearsing for a new bass player and keyboardist right now, so it doesn’t look like they’d be ready to tour in time, although Corgan has confirmed a world tour will be announced for sometime this year…

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