Splendour In The Grass Double Pass Twitter Hunt Kicks Off Today At Midday

At midday today, Friday, 26th April, the Splendour In The Grass 2013 Twitter hunt will be officially underway. The first cities in line for the prizes of double pass entry to the winter weekend festival will be Byron Bay and Melbourne, with Sydney and Brisbane happening in the coming days.

Byron’s first clue will be revealed at 12pm on the dot with Melbourne’s happening at 1pm, so in the wise words of the festival’s Facebook post, “Time to lock in those lunch breaks, people!” To get amongst it all, all you need to do is follow the official SITG Twitter account and stay clued to its updates.

UPDATE 12:30pm: The first two clues for Byron Bay has been revealed – “Who of you splendid Byronites needs a caffeine hit? This is the place to get it…” and “You don’t need to climb up *Facebook Mountain* to get this coffee, it’s in a tight spot…” Go get ’em!

UPDATE 12:50pm: Byron Bay has a winner, with the tix being found at The Barefoot Brew Room! Next up, Melbourne!

UPDATE 1:00pm: Melbourne’s first clue – “I’m big but not tall, an organised sprawl.” Where in the world?! (well, Melbourne, obviously…)

UPDATE 1:15pm: “Many may not know that if you dig too deep beneath me, what you find may be grim.” We think we know 🙂

UPDATE 1:20pm “A trade and cultural mecca since 1878.” Well, that’s too easy! The question is WHERE?!

UPDATE 1:30pm “Spuds, leather belts, toys or Spanish donuts 😉 There’s nothing you can’t buy here, in the open air.” Surely it’s going soon!

UPDATE 1:33pm: Melbourne has a winner! Jeez, it only took you 33 minutes!

We are sure to be following them closely to take some of the heat off you and your mate lending a hand in the double pass giveaway action, so stay clued to our updates.

The clues are never easy, but for what it’s worth you can check out last year’s action for a bit of last-minute revision.

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