Splendour In The Grass Reveal Mystery Band Clue In Festival Poster

Oh, they’re funny kids over there in the Splendour In The Grass camp, aren’t they? Here we are, toiling away day and night trying to work out who the mystery, triangular band on the bill is going to be and they’re busy responding to fan questions about whether Silverchair will be playing with comments such as, “Yes. With Slash on guitar and Dave Grohl on drums.” Thanks guys.

Today the festival crew suggested that they’ve already given us the biggest clue to the last piece of the lineup puzzle via the Splendour poster. After setting our team of hardworking Music Feeds chimps loose to decode the mystery, we’ve noticed that the spotted triangular flags in the tree look a whole lot like the cover of 30 Seconds To Mars’ latest record, Love Lust Faith + Dreams.

The Jared Leto-led trio have been using a triangular symbol since Alt-J (Δ) were still in the womb, plus they’ve got a nice, big gap in their touring schedule between a show in Portugal on 20th July and their first Australian date on 10th August.

Hmmm… 30 Seconds To Mars would be an epic let-down of a mystery band and the festival have been promising us something massive – surely we’re wrong?

If by massive they mean really, really freakin’ ginormous, maybe Splendour organisers weren’t kidding when they responded to one fan’s request for mystery band confirmation:

“Of all the hundreds of people who have asked us since lineup announce in spite of the fact it is supposed to be a MYSTERY, it is your post that has finally made us cave… It’s The Rolling Stones.”

We can dream, right?

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