Spotify Is Working On A New Feature That’ll Let You Discover New Music Through Your Friends

Are you the one in your friend group that’s constantly telling your mates which new albums they have to check out? Staring in disbelief as they reveal they’ve never listened to that totally essential band?

Well, Spotify might be making that process a little more automated, courtesy of a new feature called Tastebuds that the streaming giant is apparently testing at the moment, according to TechCrunch.

The feature ostensibly offers users the ability to “discover music through friends whose taste you trust.”

The prototype was discovered in the web version of Spotify by reverse-engineering wiz Jane Manchun Wong, who explains that within the feature, users tap a pen icon to search for profiles of people they follow. From there, they can see info about what their friends have been playing, and easily add songs to their own library.

If you want to see what it might look like, you can check out a (not currently functioning) landing page here.

Up until this point, Spotify has arguably made finding new music through the platform a relatively solitary experience. There’s a Friend Activity pane which shows what your friends are listening to at any given time, but it’s limited to the desktop version of the app.

The discovery of the Tastebuds feature could signal a move by Spotify to integrate more social listening features into the platform.

Until then, you can still use Spotify’s share function to post music to your Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter, or even a good old fashioned text message.

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