New Tool “Merch Table” Helps You Buy Bandcamp Content From Spotify Playlists

With each year’s Spotify Wrapped season comes many a reminder that Spotify is the lowest paying streaming service — a new tool, Merch Table is trying to help though.

Spotify has long been criticised for their payment per stream — which is $0.00437, by the way.

The streaming giant recently came under more heat, after they announced they’d give artists the option of being recommended in the algo for a “promotional recording rate”.

It means the platform would pay the artist less in exchange for “exposure”.

Now, Hype Machine have launched Merch Table.

This new online tool allows you to enter a link to your Spotify playlist and offers you links to all your favourite tracks and albums on Bandcamp.

Sharing news of the tool, Hype Machine tweeted, “Paste a link to your “Top Songs 2020″ playlist into Merch Table, and we’ll search for albums you can buy.”

Though, they assure us it works with any of your playlists.

It means that music fans can go and directly support more of their favourite artists using the platform, which is significantly more financially friendly to artists.

While it’s not as promising a solution as a collective shift to more ethical streaming services, it’s a neat solution for fans wanting to do more.

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