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Steve Aoki Remixed My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ And OH GOD WHY

Electro banger-lord Steve Aoki has tried his hand at remixing the title track from My Chemical Romance‘s Welcome To The Black Parade, to toast the iconic album’s 10th birthday.

A lovely gesture, to be sure. However, the results will most likely leave a stack of MCR fans feeling broken, beaten and damned.

Aoki’s 10th anniversary remix (below) kicks off with real potential, but soon devolves, becoming akin to a dank MLG YouTube video soundtrack.

Welcome To The Black Parade — a dark, uplifting and emotionally wrought rock opera — gets loaded into Aoki’s electro machine gun and shot back out in a million pieces over a thumping deep house beat and diarrhea-blast of EDM synths in the Japanese-American DJ’s bonkers remix.

But despite this, MCR frontman Gerard Way has given it the thumbs up, telling BuzzFeed that he “really loved” it.

“And what I love about it is the sounds are phenomenal, and he’s kept the intensity, and I think in some ways, the purpose of the song,” he said.

See if you agree with Way’s assessment, below.

Either way, we’ll carry on.

Listen: My Chemical Romance – ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ (Steve Aoki Remix)

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