Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Is In A Band That Sounds A Lot Like Early Tame Impala

Netflix television series Stranger Things is the internet’s favourite subject at the moment and now we’ve got another piece of news to add to your conversations – Steve is in a psychedelic rock band.

Steve is known to people outside of the Stranger Things show as Joe Keery who, as it turns out, is also in a band that sounds a lot like early Tame Impala.

Keery’s band was spotted by NME and they’re called Post Animal. They’ve released a handful of singles on Bandcamp and they’re all pretty good.

The latest singles Caught In The Trap​ and Violet were released in June so they’re very much still an active band. Their music is likely to appeal to fans of our very own Tame Impala, as their psych-rock sound recalls Innerspeaker and even their follow-up Lonerism.

It’s unknown whether Keery’s end goal is music or acting but it seems he’s pretty good at both at the moment so porque no los dos?

They’ve got just over 2,000 likes on Facebook so they’re still in their infancy but with the success of Stranger Things, they’re no doubt going to get some serious attention. It helps that they’re good too.

Explore the Bandcamp here and listen to the latest single below.

Listen: Post Animal – Caught In The Trap​/​Violet

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