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‘Stranger Things’ Star Joe Keery Releases New Album As Djo

Djo, the solo project of Stranger Things actor Joe Keery, has unveiled its latest album, Decide. His second record under the moniker, it follows on from 2019’s Twenty Twenty, the release of which coincided with Keery’s departure from psych-rock band Post Animal.

Keery has been recording music since he was a teenager. For Decide, he worked with musician and engineer Adam Thein throughout the pandemic to craft the foundations of the album, before finalising recording in a Los Angeles studio. The result is described as an “aural history” of Keery’s late 20s, reflecting on growth and relationships against electronic pop instrumentals.

Djo – ‘Half Life’

Keery released the standalone Djo single ‘Keep Your Head Up’ in late 2020, before previewing a few tracks from Decide earlier this year. Keery was interested in making a more dance-oriented release this time around.

“I wanted to do something that people could move to,” he said in a statement. “Something that sounded a little larger  in scope. But at the end of the day, the goal is always to write great songs that people remember, that  you can listen to over and over again and glean something different from every time.”

He continued: “I just tried to come at it in the most creative ways that I know how to do. The main  technique I was trying to use here was like, what’s like the reverse or the opposite of what we should be doing? Let’s try to do that. Maybe it’s a terrible idea but also maybe it’ll work and do something unique and different.”

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