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The Wiggles Take On Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ For Triple J Like A Version

The moment we’ve all been waiting on has finally arrived. The Wiggles have blessed triple j’s Like A Version studio, and our ears, with their very own Like A Version.

To make things even better they’ve taken on one of the nation’s finest, Tame Impala. And a Tame Impala classic at that.

Borrowing from the band’s second studio album Lonerism, The Wiggles have delivered a fine ‘Elephant’ cover.

The cover stays true to that alt-rock, psych vibe in the original except with the absolutely welcome dispersing of ‘Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy’ throughout.

It’s a mashup and a half. Also, the harmonies are a delight.

In their Behind the Like A Version interview, Murray Cook — who reunited with the group for the cover — and Emma run us through it. “The Wiggles love animals and so we chose it because we love elephants,” says Emma Wiggle.

“We’re very much inspired by the band,” she continues. “When we got into it, we didn’t realise how complex it would be.”

“I haven’t been playing with these guys for a long time,” says Murray. “Just to have the old and the new together has been really fun.”

Of course, in typical Like A Version fashion, The Wiggles performed an original song too.

You can catch ‘We’re All Fruit Salad’ below, along with the ‘Elephant’ cover, and their Behind the Like A Version interview.

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