Stoner Dupes Fans Into Believing Limp Bizkit Are Playing A Surprise Gig At A Servo

Police are currently on the scene of an Ohio servo to make sure that hundreds of Limp Bizkit fans don’t Break Stuff once they realise that the “surprise” show advertised there is nothing but an internet hoax.

According to the latest reports from local news outlet Whio, around 150 people still remain outside the Sunco gas station chanting “We want Fred!” because they still have faith (faith faith) that the gig isn’t total BS (it is).

Officers have shut down the Sunco for the night and even turned off all the lights in an attempt to disperse the crowd, but it seems their thirst for Durst far outweighs their respect for law enforcement or even the power of logic itself.

The horde of ravenous Bizkit fans rocked up to the local bowser despite numerous PSA’s from Dayton PD and even the red-hat-to-the-back wearer himself warning that the Facebook-advertised pop-up gig  – to which 8.6K people had RSVP’s “attending” – was nothing but a big fat phoney:

In fact, it turns out the whole thing was orchestrated as a prank for international 4/20 (weed) day by local man Brian Baker, who told The Daily Beast that he organised the fake gig for April 20th of next year, and Nookie enthusiasts simply took it upon themselves to rock up today.

It has not yet been confirmed whether “Baker” is the Bizkit troll’s real name or just some form of stoner pseudonym, or whether he took it upon himself to celebrate 4/20 with such an unorthodox mass prank, or whether he’s just lost track of time and thinks it’s still April Fools day (plausible).

Either way, plenty of fellow shit-stirrers have gotten in on the joke.

One thing’s for sure though: some men just want to watch the world burn.






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