Image Via Instagram / Fred Durst

Limp Bizkit Officially Release ‘Dad Vibes’, Their First Single In A Decade

Dust off those baggy pants and bring the baseball cap out of retirement – nu-metal godfathers Limp Bizkit are, once again, in the house.

Fred Durst, DJ Lethal, and co. have officially released ‘Dad Vibes’the lead single of their soon-to-be-announced new LP, their first since 2011’s Gold Cobra.

At just over two minutes the song is heavily rooted in the hip-hop sounds of their 2000 mega-hit Cholocate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water, minus the aggression that the band’s early work is renowned for.

Still, it’s a hell of a lot better than a majority of the content of their controversial 2003 outing Results My Vary- so rest assured the Limp Bizkit renaissance is still in full swing! Check out the tune below.

The group first aired a recording of ‘Dad Vibes’ at the conclusion of their epic Lollapalooza performance a few months ago, a gig which saw Durst debut his new mid 50’s dad look, complete with a wig, dorky glasses, and awkward dance moves.

The band’s subsequent tour with up-and-coming sensations Spiritbox was sadly scuppered due to Covid issues, but Durst and co. have promised that they’ll be back on the road at the turn of the new year.

With a new album finally on the way and the world slowly returning to normal, we’re keeping everything crossed for a dose of daddy Durst down under in the near future.

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