The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Gets A Funky Makeover From An Aussie Producer

UPDATE 10/08/16: Luke Million has now shared a full-length version of his Stranger Things cover, titled The Upside Down Remix.

ORIGINAL STORY: The synth-heavy theme song from Netflix’s hit science fiction horror series Stranger Things has been given a funky makeover by Australian producer Luke Million, who has somehow managed to give the song some extra synth.

Sharing his arpeggio-friendly cover of the Stranger Things theme song (below) on Facebook, Million says the retro synth vibes of the show’s main titles had him crawling back to his keyboards and drum machines.

“Been watching ‘Stranger Things’ and totally digging the 80’s synth inspired soundtrack. Couldn’t resist jamming on the theme,” he says.

Million’s take on the theme sees him bring a new vibrancy to the original, as well as some funky bass lines and a very danceable beat. It’s so good that we can pretty much all agree there needs to be a full-length version.

Elsewhere in the Stranger Things universe, the show’s official soundtrack is set to be released soon, while we also recently had the pleasure of experiencing this nostalgia-inducing Stranger Things mixtape.

Watch Luke Million’s cover of the Stranger Things theme song alongside the original, below.

Million is set to perform at Southbound Festival later this year.

Watch: Luke Million – ‘Stranger Things’ Main Theme

Listen: ‘Stranger Things’ Main Theme (Extended)

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