Strokes Head Into The Studio For Angles Follow-Up

Now that the dust is finally settling on the Strokes‘ long awaited fourth album Angles, released in March, the band are immediately looking towards their next effort, what with the New Yorkers being profoundly unsatisfied with their latest. They seem to be in the studio already.

Pitchfork reports on Tweeting bassist Nicolai Fraiture, who posted, “Super excited to go in to the studio today and work on some new ideas! I’ll keep you posted…”

That seems all there is to go on at the moment, but the apparent haste the band are showing to get the taste of the distinctly mediocre Angles out of their mouth makes it a morsel to cling to. Guitarist Nick Valensi had previously told Pitchfork, “I won’t do the next album we make like this. No way. It was awful – just awful… The best thing we can do right now is put out another one really quick.”

Angles was made across a rather confusing time for the five-piece with singer Julian Casablancas reportedly recording his vocals separately to the band and emailing it over to them – described by Casablancas as a ploy to make the rest of the band take more responsibility for the band’s creative mojo… the whole thing seems to have backfired though, as Angles was the result.

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