Supafest Company Went Under External Administration Last Year

The news that Missy Elliot and P.Diddy won’t be playing Supafest has left fans across the country feeling betrayed. Missy Elliot’s management company has issued a statement saying Elliot was never booked to play, and P.Diddy hit out at the Supafest promoters for failing to meet the obligations of their contract.

The question is: what was going on before plans for the 2012 festival went ahead?

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website lists Paper Chase Touring And Entertainment PTY LTD as a currently registered company. But when you take a look back at an ASIC extract, it shows the company’s status on 18.8.2011 as: Under External Administration And/Or Controller Appointed.

Could there have been problems before the acts were even booked? The first lineup was officially announced on February 25th, 2012.

The promoters have assured Music Feeds that they plan on refunding tickets. However, when we called Ticketek they said this could only be done individually with approval from Paper Chase Touring and Entertainment.

Fair Trading are currently making enquiries with the Supafest promoters regarding the cancellation of the advertised headline acts.

All of this hasn’t dampened the spirits of Supafest co-promoter John Denison. Yesterday, he seemed to find the fact that fans weren’t going to see the bands they paid for as something to laugh about:


Just an hour ago a video was shared via the Supafest Facebook page featuring merchandise that still had P.Diddy and Missy Elliot artwork on it.

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