Super700 ‘Lovebites’ Album Release 5th Dec 2009

The number 700 is a sacred number. The hidden temple has 700 entries, there are 700 sins, 700 famous mountains, there is the legend of the 700 spices of Alu Ben-Grachier and then there is The ‘Super 700’. 7 musicians female and male (discounting future ballet ensembles and symphony orchestras), 7 very special talents, 7 maniacs, 7 fine tuned guardians of good taste. Super 700 is not just another band, they are a team. Super 700 are out of this world.

What makes Super 700 so special? Their artful musicianship, their search for the extraordinary and their determination to be complex is fuelled by the same fire that fuels all impulsive and hot headed incarnations of Rock & Roll.

What the first worldwide download ‘Tango’ promised, they delivered with their second album ‘Lovebites’. Expertly produced by Irishman Rob Kirwan (U2, Depeche Mode), the thirteen tracks on ‘Lovebites’ will wreck royal palaces, illuminate the darkest forests and makes the time disappear while listening on your iPod or your home stereo. ‘Lovebites’ is infectious and addictive, but remains mysterious.

Take the track ‘Somebody Tried to Steal My Car’, a sweet elegant late summer rain pop song or the dangerous and unconventional, ‘Second in Line’ with oriental strings and forceful percussion breaks.

In the song ‘Rosebud’ lead singer Ibadet Ramadani is only being backed up by a guitar and the background vocals of her sisters Albana and Ilirjana, a jazz ballad like liquid glass. The title track ‘Lovebites’ is inspired by late night horror movies culminating into a bombastic torch song, dangerous and majestic. Guitar and organ entwined like lovers. Like a slipknot around your neck. ‘Every honey bee is an angel of death’ sings Ibadet in ‘Spring (The Old Pretender)’

Needless to say that Ibadet Ramadani has one of the most exciting, impressive, alluringly and hauntingly wonderful voices with attitude in modern music. The rest of the band: Albana and Ilirjana Ramadani are singing the harmonies, Johannes Saal on guitar, Simon Rauterberg on keyboard, Michael Haves on Bass and Sebastian Schmidt on the drums.

After Super 700 emerged as Berlin’s number one underground darlings, they released their debut self titled album in May 2006 through Motor Music. They created waves on their consequent tour that took them to Los Angeles and Vancouver. Having played at the legendary Viper Room and The Key Club they were personally invited to perform live at LA’s KCRW radio on DJ Nic Harcourt’s world famous show ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’. Harcourt extended a personal invitation to the group after seeing them perform. The songs for Lovebites were written by Ibadet and Bassplayer Michael early 2008 in France and was recorded and brilliantly completed in the Planet Rock studios in Berlin.

Super 700 are wild and smart, gorgeous and dishevelled, progressive and totally focused, very normal and extremely cool. Only the best can be heroes.

If you still doubt the heroic qualities of the Berlin 7 piece, just listen to this record! Super 700 is on its way. They left their Lovebites on our necks.

Watch the video for S.T.T.S.M.C. (Somebody Tried To Steal My Car

[youtube dooE4RU30wE]

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