SXSW And Facebook Team Up To Give You BTS Access Without Getting Off The Couch

Introverted and slothful music fans rejoice, the day of our redemption is nigh as Facebook and SXSW are teaming up to give you behind the scenes access without leaving the comfort of your couch or the reassurance of sad empty home. No longer will we the neck bearded masses be force to interact with our peers, hurrah!!!

Essentially, the website aggregates artists’ Facebook Live videos as a means to provide a window into life of an artist at SXSW as well as a way of communicating with fans, behind the scenes.

“SXSW has always been passionate about giving artists new opportunities to interact with the industry and fans while making new connections,” said SXSW music festival general manager James Minor in a statement. “We’re excited to use Facebook Live to provide artists with a new way to create and share their own unique content, from Austin to around the world.”

Essentially a stream of videos uploaded by artists “live” from backstage at SXSW, some of the content is. admittedly, a bit dull. There is a lot of dead air with artist starting into camera phones dead eyed waiting for comments and questions, a lot of the videos feeling more like a really dull night on Chatroulette and Omegle. Thank god for Rae Sremmurd though.

Brothers Slim Jxmm and Swae Lee ruled the live stream roost, spending most of their Q&A telling everyone to download their mixtape, talking about Srem-life (pronoucned Shrim-life) and how the jewellery including a solid gold cup looks like piss.


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