Sydney’s Lockouts Could Be Pushed Back To 3am, Acting Premiere Suggests

Acting New South Wales Premiere Troy Grant has suggested that Sydney’s controversial lockout laws could eventually be amended to allow patrons into venues until 3am instead of 1:30am, should an upcoming report suggest the change would be in the city’s best interest.

A review of Sydney’s lockout laws is currently being compiled by Former High Court judge Ian Callinan, and Mr Grant says that if the review suggests moving the lockout back to 3am, he would support it.

As News Corp Australia reports, Grant says that while an amendment to lockout times is possible, last drinks regulations will probably stay in place.

“Every bit of evidence I’ve seen or heard about, even in my previous experience with liquor accord arrangements, it’s not the lockouts that have the greatest impact, it’s the last drinks”, he says.

“If [Former High Court judge Ian] Callinan recommends pushing the lockouts back, I think it’s something we absolutely should do. If you’re trying to control the quantity of alcohol people consume… last drinks is most effective.”

Mr Grant has also addressed the 10pm curfew for bottle shops, explaining that he is yet to see a connection between the earlier closing time and any positive results, adding that he found it “hard to see where the justification was for the 10pm bottle shop closures in the first place”.

Pubs and clubs which are affected by Sydney’s lockout laws are currently subject to 1:30am lockout and 3am last drinks regulations. The Callinan review into the laws is expected to be released in August this year.

Watch: Closed Sydney – Lockouts Timelapse

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