Take A Relaxing Bike Ride Through An “Illegal Rave”

Frankly, the Tour de France can be kinda boring. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an amazing feat of human endurance and strength, but eventually you can get tired of just staring at the same scrap of French countryside for hours on end. We think it’d be a lot better if there was, say, an illegal rave in the way.

As The Daily Mail reports, more than 2,000 people descended on Devil’s Dyke in the South Downs, near Brighton, East Sussex earlier this week for a rave party which police weren’t able to control as there were reportedly too few officers on duty. The party reportedly went on for over 24 hours.

Officers described the gathering as “good humoured though very noisy,” and stated that due to the darkness of nightfall, as well as rain and numbers present, it was not appropriate or practical to attempt to shut down the party safely, with efforts to contain the party launched yesterday morning.

Caught up in the middle was YouTube user Tim Fry, who wrote, “Rich [and] I thought we’d go for [a] nice quiet sunshine ride at the Dyke on the South Downs way, what we saw next was just plain surreal and not a bunch of badgers.” Not badgers indeed. Readers can see the footage below.

Watch: South Downs National Park Rave Up

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