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Man Dies After Taking Unidentified Drug At Queensland Rave

A man has died and at least two other people have been placed on life support after taking an unidentified substance at a rave in Mount Lindesay on the Queensland and New South Wales border.

Police were called to the YewbuNYE party on New Year’s Day, where as many as 500 people are estimated to have gathered. Several people required urgent medical attention after consuming the mystery drug, with one man (believed to be in his 20s) declared dead at the scene.

As the ABC reports, another person was flown to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment, while another was taken by helicopter to the Toowoomba Base Hospital.

DJ Zee Nagual, who performed at the party on New Year’s Eve, says he saw four “out of control” people when he was leaving the event on New Year’s Day.

“From my camp site, I was observing bunch of about four young people looking like if they’re demonically possessed,” he says.

“There were four of them in a group together, but they were just erratically going around waving their hands and gibbering and yelling.”

Two other men at the rave reportedly refused treatment and fled into bushes nearby.

Queensland Police set up roadside drug and alcohol testing sites around the rave site, and Senior Constable Scott Tragis says five positive drug test results had been returned within a few hours.

“Our sources indicate that the people that we are intercepting are ones that have left this rave party,” he says.

“It’s a public holiday today. These roads are being extensively used as a road network for families and what-not, and if they’re being infiltrated by people who have taken drugs or are on drugs then it’s our job to enforce that and make sure that they’re stopped from proceeding further.”

Police have expedited testing of the drug believed to have been taken by the group at the Mount Lindesay rave.

Reports from YewbuNYE attendees on social media suggest the mystery substance may have been the drug known as flakka, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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