Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker Is In The Studio With Lady Gaga & Mark Ronson

In a bizarre twist that we never would have predicted in a million years, Kevin Parker now seems to be collaborating with Lady Gaga.

Oh and Mark Ronson.

And another guy called BloopPop (FKA Blood Diamonds).

The super-producer has tweeted a cryptic snap, showing the Tame Impala frontman and Gaga apparently deep in concentration behind a keyboard, while BloodPop ponders shadily in the periphery.

Of course, he offered zero explanation, bar one word: “Illusion”.

Whether this refers to a song name or else whether Ronson is trying to fuck with our perceived sense of reality remains to be seen.

What we do know is that Ronson has been working closely with Gaga on her crazily-anticipated new album Analog, and the pair recently cut sick on a raw live cover of Talking Heads’ classic Burning Down The House.

He’s also teamed up with Australia’s own KP plenty of times in the past.

So whatever they’re currently cooking up in the studio, the sheer power of their combined creative genius is bound to yield something quite large.

Ronson has also Instagrammed a pic of KP behind a drum kit, so the plot is continuing to thicken.

Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE 18/08/16: Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson have been named as the producers of Lady Gaga’s forthcoming single Perfect Illusion.

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