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Watch Kevin Parker Become A Pharma Bro In Mysterious New Tame Impala Teaser

We’re not sure what Kevin Parker and Tame Impala have planned for us, but the release of a mysterious new teaser clip has us asking many questions.

Set to Tame Impala’s 2020 cut ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’, a new video titled ‘Rushium’ has been shared online. It’s essentially a fake pharmaceutical ad as we watch a dose of the titular medicine being created.

At the end of the ad, a tagline reads “experience time • every time” before revealing that fans can expect ‘Phase 1’ to begin in September of this year (or “09/21”).

As for what ‘Rushium’ is, your guess is as good as ours. It’s evidently anchored around Tame Impala’s 2020 album The Slow Rush, but that’s about all we have so far.

It might be tour related, but considering Tame Impala start their American tour later this month, before heading back to Australia in December, that feels unlikely.

Whatever it is, we know for sure we’re likely to get our dose of Rushium before we’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19, which doesn’t feel like a terrible trade.

Watch the ‘Rushium’ teaser below.

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