Teen Who Assaulted Good Life Security Guard Jailed After Breaching Bail

The teenager who kicked a security guard in the head at Perth’s Good Life Festival in February has been jailed after breaching his bail conditions.

As Fairfax Media reports, 18-year-old Martin Fulton has been sent to jail after breaching by his bail conditions by leaving the country for a wedding just weeks before he was due to be sentenced, after pleading guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and trespassing in June.

Mr Fulton kicked Michael Rigby in the head while the security guard was trying to restrain another person at Good Life 2016, in an incident which was caught on video and later went viral.

Mr Fulton was due to be sentenced today, but it was left for his lawyer to reveal in court their client hadn’t completed a pre-sentencing assessment because he had left Australia to attend a wedding with his family.

Outside court, Mr Rigby’s friend and fellow security guard Michael Riley said he was disappointed that Mr Fulton had been able to leave Australia, delaying the case against him.

“This should never have happened… the case has gone on for far too long,” Mr Riley said. “[The assault] was one of the most horrific things I’ve ever seen… no bones about it, he could have quite easily killed him.”

Mr Fulton is due to be sentenced on 2nd August, after completing a verbal pre-sentencing report while in custody.

Watch: Martin Fulton Kicks Michael Rigby At Good Life 2016

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