The Teen Gatecrasher Who Assaulted A Good Life Security Guard Has Been Jailed & Banned From Music Festivals

The saga surrounding a teen who jumped the fence at the Perth leg of this year’s Good Life festival before kicking a security guard in the head has wrapped up with the perpetrator copping a pretty hefty sentence.

The 18-year-old has been slapped with 8-months behind bars, plus a 2-year ban from attending any music festivals once he’s back on the outside.

Martin John Fulton – who turned 18 eight days prior to gatecrashing the annual under-18’s festival – pled guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm and trespassing, as well as admitting to a separate stealing offence for shoplifting a carton of beer from a Perth liquor store.

As Seven News reports, his lawyer told the court that “This was not simply a senseless attack”, arguing that the teen was coming to the aid of a fellow fence-jumper after allegedly seeing security guard Michael Rigby pressing his forearm against the young man’s throat.

However, fellow secca Shane Poulton told WA Today that he believed Fulton went there with the exact intention of harming a security guard.

“It was a malicious act that he purposely intended to do – he admitted [on Facebook] that he was going to go there to attack security,” he said.

Fulton had been out on bail prior to his sentencing hearing this week, but was jailed last month after breaching his conditions by heading overseas for a wedding.

Now it’s time for him to face the music… or lack thereof.

Watch: Martin Fulton Kicks Michael Rigby At Good Life 2016

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