The Basics Warn Victoria: “Do Not Get Complacent”

The Basics have come up short in their bid for a seat in the upper house. The Melbourne trio’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Party managed to secure 1.43 percent of the vote in the Northern Metropolitan Region in yesterday’s Victorian State Election.

1.43 percent might not sound like much but with a regional population of 477,652, The Basics tallied 3509 votes. Faster Louder points out that’s more than the Palmer United Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Australian Christians, and the Shooters and Fishers Party Victoria.

Although the Liberals won the contested seat The Basics took to Facebook to thank supporters of the BRRP for their “assistance” and “faith”. “We managed to dislodge one of Smaug’s many hardened scales,” posted The Basics. “And perhaps have contributed in some small way to the promise of a fairer Victoria, and ultimately Australia.”

Labor ultimately won the day, ousting the Napthine Government after only one term in office; the first time such an occurance has taken place in nearly 60 years. In the lead-up to the election newly crowned state premier Daniel Andrews pledged up to $13.4 million to help save Melbourne’s Palais Theatre.

While still in opposition Andrews also promised the ALP would establish an Australian Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Fame in Melbourne, the re-establishment of the Victoria Rocks grants, and the creation of The Music Market, as part of a $22.2 million package.

Although this all sounds fantastic on paper, The Basics cautioned fans not to get ahead of themselves and rejoice that all is good in the Victorian music scene just yet.

“We’d like to say that while many on social media are punching the sky at Labor’s victory and the Greens managing to secure greater representation, this should not be seen as a salve to the indignities that the Federal Government has suffered upon us and on our behalf,” said The Basics.

“Do not get complacent! The battle for Australia’s soul is *only just beginning*.”

The BRRP also missed out a seat in lower house behind candidate, actor Jamie McCarney. The party, formed by Basics member Kris Schroeder, ran on a platform of education, focusing on indigenous culture, innovation and, of course, rock ‘n’ roll.

At this stage it is unknown if the BRRP will return in 2015. For now The Basics are taking a week off social media and returning with their focus back on music. The Basics’ new EP, The Lucky Country is out now.

Watch: The Basics – The Lucky Country

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