The Lonely Island return with new album and new video

That’s right, fake rap pioneers and the men who brought us such classics as Jizz In My Pants, I’m On A Boat and Like A Boss, The Lonely Island are back with a new album titled Turtleneck & Chain, a video for their lead single, We’re Back, not to mention what might just be the best cover art of the year so far.

Their first album featuring the likes of T-Pain, Norah Jones and Julian Casablancas, this time round the guys have roped in Akon, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. The release looks set to come with an accompanying DVD with videos for some of the songs off the album. Anyway here’s a tracklist as well as a DVD tracklist, oh yeah and the new video.


01 “We’re Back!”

02 “Mama”

03 “I Just Had Sex”

04 “Jack Sparrow”

05 “Attracted To Us”

06 “Rocky”

07 “My Mic – Interlude”

08 “Turtleneck & Chain”

09 “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde”

10 “Trouble On Dookie Island”

11 “Falcor vs. Atreyu – Classy Skit #1″

12 “Motherlover”

13 “The Creep”

14 “Watch Me Do Me – Classy Skit #2″

15 “Threw It On The Ground”

16 “Japan”

17 “After Party”

18 “No Homo”

19 “No Homo Outro”

20 “Reba (Two Worlds Collide)” [iTunes Bonus Track]


01 “We’re Back!”

02 “I Just Had Sex”

03 “The Creep”

04 “Motherlover”

05 “Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde”

06 “Threw It On The Ground”

07 “We’ll Kill U”

08 “Reba (Two Worlds Collide)”

09 “Great Day”

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