The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 1

Last week Music Feeds reported that the longtime delayed punk rock documentary One Nine Nine Four had been leaked onto YouTube.

The reason for One Nine Nine Four never being officially released was due to (somewhat ironically) an inability to get the music that features in the approximately 80-minute long documentary legally cleared.

The doco’s creator Jai Al-Attas recently tweeted in response to fans of One Nine Nine Four:



To explain matters further Jai Al-Attas has created a blog detailing the doco’s inception. The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 1 reveals Al-Attas and producer Matt Wardle’s thoughts on the documentary being leaked, with Al-Attas stating:

“So we were made aware last week that our documentary has leaked onto the internet. This has provided Matt and I(Jai) with mixed feelings.”

The blog goes on to reveal that Al-Attas was inspired by the classic skateboarding origin documentary Dogtown & Z Boys and from his experiences while making a tour DVD for Kisschasy, who were rising to prominence while signed to Al-Attas’s label Below Par back in 2005.

The blog is a fascinating insight into a fascinating documentary. You can find the blog via One Nine Nine Four official Facebook page or read it here via this direct link:

Read: The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 1

Also, if you haven’t seen the doco yet, it’s a must watch for not only fans of 90s punk rock but music lovers in general. Once you’ve seen the film you’ll be diving into your punk folder and pulling out all the classics.

Watch: One Nine Nine Four – FULL VERSION – 1994 – 90s Punk Documentary

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