The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 2

Ever since Punk News brought to our attention that the longtime-delayed punk documentary One Nine Nine Four was finally leaked online, Music Feeds has been keeping a close eye on any developments in regards to an official release of the documentary, or an explanation as to why the incredible doco has been held back for so long.

At the beginning of May, Music Feeds reported that One Nine Nine Four creator Jai Al-Attas created a blog under the title of The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 1, explaining where the idea came from to create the documentary.

It’s been over a month since any more information about One Nine Nine Four has been released, but as of a few minutes ago, Al-Attas has taken to the doco’s official Facebook page and posted a link to The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 2.

The brand new posting goes on to explain that he and One Nine Nine Four producer Matt Wardle received a cease and desist order from one of the publishers once they discovered the doco had been leaked. However, as Al-Attas and Wardle weren’t responsible for the leak, the publisher had the doco removed from YouTube.

The new entry then takes shape in the form of a letter from producer Wardle, who recounts the story of how he came into contact with some of the 90’s most iconic punk band frontmen, including Joey Cape, Tony Sly, Fat Mike, Scott Russo and Tom Delonge.

For anyone who was lucky enough to see One Nine Nine Four while it was still online or is a fan of 90’s punk rock, this blog is a must read.

Read: The Making of ONE NINE NINE FOUR – Part 2

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