Watch: ‘One Nine Nine Four’ Punk Rock Doco

Punk News posted that the punk rock documentary One Nine Nine Four was leaked onto YouTube on April 18, 2012.

On April 21, 2012 the doco’s director Jai Al-Attas tweeted, ” So it’s true the doco leaked – go find it”.

Whether or not this was an unintended leak is unclear, with I Oh You reporting that the documentary’s soundtrack apparently cost too much to screen more than one time, which took place at the Calgary International Film Festival.

In addition to this, One Nine Nine Four’s official Facebook page posted on March 26, 2011: “alright fuck it, i’m working on a way to make this free for you all”

Regardless of how or why the doco has been leaked, it is truly an incredible look into the richness of 90s punk rock. Featuring band members from Rancid, Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon, Pennywise and so many more, if One NIne Nine Four is ever officially released, it is totally worth supporting by purchasing a legit copy.

Watch: One Nine Nine Four – FULL VERSION – 1994 – 90’s Punk Documentary

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