The Weeknd Teaser Snippet From Forthcoming Album

It’s short, and the quality is lo-fi but a 20-second clip released by The Weeknd is alll that was needed to put the blogosphere in a frenzy over the wildly anticipated forthcoming album from the R&B crooner. The release has been dubbed Kiss Land and has big shoes to fill given the impact made by its predecessors.

Believed to be from a new song titled John Carpenter, the clip is the first sneak peak into the impending release from Abel Tesfaye who blew minds on a international level with 2011 debut House Of Balloons. The hype was confirmed with the follow up mixtakes Thursday and Echoes Of Silence, each containing gems that proved to be highly radio, and headphone friendly.

At this point, very little is known about Kiss Land. The release date is yet to be confirmed but it’s widely believed to be sometime later this year. What we know now is that the album will see the return of his smooth and sexy stylings no doubt with the appropriate experimentations needed to keep things fresh.

More details as they happen.

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