The White Stripes Release First Performances On Vinyl

The White Stripes are releasing the vinyl of the duo’s first ever shows, played on 14th July, and a month later on 14th August, 1997 at Detroit’s Gold Dollar, and an Open Mic night. It will be released this summer as a part of Jack White’s Third Man Records Vault Series.

The Package will include a white vinyl 12″ LP with tracks Lafayette Blues and Screwdriver, as well as a cover of Stooges’ TV Eye, a red vinyl 7″ Single with recordings from the open mic night, and a 12″ White Stripes peppermint tote bag with a painting from Jack.

Recently a rare 1998 vinyl 7″ sold on eBay for $12,700, which shows how much fans are prepared to spend in order to get their hands on classic material. Now with the band firmly dead and buried, hopefully more exclusive early material can be released in order to please the fans, and save them a dollar or two.

Watch: The White Stripes – Gold Dollar (1999)

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