Therapy Saved Machine Head From Breaking Up

Dave McClain from Machine Head has confirmed that the band almost broke up during The Blackening Tour, which ran much longer than the band first expected. Machine Head were supporting Slipknot in Paris and Robb and Adam Duce were at each other’s throats, “Robb Flynn was ready to call it a day and just end everything right there”, McClain says.

Apparently therapy actually helped the guys sort out their issues: “he (Robb) and Adam did some therapy together and kind of worked things out”, McClain continues.

Speaking about the toll the tour took on the band, McClain said:

Well, we did not know that the tour would stretch out for that long. And then album snowballed into a big thing, something that all of the bands hope for, so we did not think that it would cause a problem. When we went on the road with METALLICA, the tour [lasted] an additional year, but to tell you the truth, it wasn’t that hard, since we had two weeks on the road and two weeks off; so there was time to take a break and get back home. After all, the band was not constantly on the road for the entire period of time.

Read the full interview at Metalkaoz.

Machine Head will be touring Australian in February playing the Soundwave Festival + Sideshows.

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