Photo: Daniel Grant

There’s A Campaign Urging Groovin The Moo To Do Away With Plastic This Year

Green Music Australia has started a campaign to encourage Groovin The Moo to go sans-plastic this year.

As Stoney Roads points out, the non-for-profit organisation are pushing their campaign on social media in the hope of getting the festival to stop making plastic cups and bottles available on the day.

There’s even an event page that explains how people can get involved which encourages punters people to bring their own reusable water bottles and share a selfie on social media with the hashtag #BYOBottle.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra have recently lent their voice to the campaign, saying in a statement “Melbourne Ska Orchestra is totally behind reducing unnecessary plastic waste that is clogging up our oceans and waterways. Earth is our home so let’s give it the respect it deserves.”

The move follows another campaign which managed to convince Sydney’s The Plot festival go to completely plastic free in 2016.

If you’re not heading along to Groovin, you can still sign Green Music Australia’s open letter to Bluesfest, Falls Festival, Groovin, Laneway and Splendour, urging the big five festivals to go plastic-free.

Head here for the full list of dates and full lineup for Groovin The Moo 2017.

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