There’s A Facebook Event Of Thousands Planning To Jump The Fence At Groovin The Moo

Close to 2,000 people are supposedly planning to jump the fence to Groovin The Moo in Canberra this weekend, according to a Facebook event.

The event called, “THE ANNUAL GTM GATE JUMP CANBERRA 2017”, has 1,800 ‘going’ with a further 2,700 ‘interested’ at the time of writing.

The ACT stop is sold out, but it doesn’t seem to have deterred this group of people, intent on getting into the festival, ticket or no ticket.

The event was created by a group called ‘GTM No Ticket No Worries’. The group’s description on Facebook says it all really — “Oi so cunts fucked and all the tickets are gone. But not a fucken worry because we at getting a mother fucking army and raming the fence!”

The plan is basically for two groups of people to jump the fence at two different points on Sunday, with organisers attempting to gather together as many people as possible.

“Once in there tell every cunt you jumped the fence and they will think Oi this cunts a sick cunt aye,” one of the posts in the event reads, while they’re also asking fence-jumpers to send live footage to post in the event afterwards.

It seems to be a protest aimed at Groovin because the festival sold out, and also because they’re holding it on a Sunday which means “cunts have to work the next day”.

The event is packed with handy advice for fence jumpers including, “If your drunk or high on drugs on the day, please volunteer to go first that way the sobers have more of a chance to get in with out getting fucked by a sercurity [sic] guard.”

It’s definitely an interesting read if nothing else. You can check out the event here. Obviously we don’t recommend this and in the spirit of Groovin The Moo, cows can’t jump so neither should you.

Music Feeds has contacted Groovin The Moo for comment.

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