There’s Now A Petition For TISM To Reunite For Eurovision 2015

Hot on the heels of this morning’s big revelation that Australia would be competing in the celebrated Eurovision Song Contest for the first time ever, a petition has surfaced online calling for the reformation of a group certain to do some damage on the oddball European stage, masked Melbourne seven-piece TISM.

Perhaps in a reaction to last year’s stereotype-stuffed Aussie Eurovision guest performance featuring songstress Jessica Maubouy, petition mastermind Andrew Wade is rallying the Australian public to back a full-scale renovation of our international brand. The face of the revolution, he believes, is TISM. And the battleground? The Eurovision stage.


“With Eurovision 2015, Australia has a chance to show the world that we’ve shed the dropkick larrakin image that’s been perpetuated since Paul Hogan told people he’d be putting another shrimp on the barbie back in 1984,” his petition brief reads.

“We finally have a chance to yell at the world that we demand to be taken at more than face value, a chance to scream that our incredibly vibrant local music scene is more than AC/DC’s testicular imagery, John Farnham’s sixty-seventh final tour, a chance to sincerely apologize for inflicting Nikki Webster upon them at Sydney 2000.

“We have a chance to tell the world that goddammit, This Is Serious Mum.”

This is something we can get behind — at least, more than the petition to get Kylie Minogue into the competition. Nothing against our Kylie, but she’s got a lot of support as it is. If you agree with Wade, and would like to make Eurovision EuroTISM, you can add your John Hancock to the petition here.

UPDATE 12/02/15: TISM frontman Damian Cowell says he’ll perform at Eurovision 2015, for a price. The petition to reform TISM for Eurovision has now reached almost 9,000 signatures.

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