This App Will Turn Your Top Spotify Tracks Into Very Aesthetic Receipts

If you’re a music lover who’s active on Instagram, you may have come across the excellent @albumreceipts account. Since May, the account’s owner has been sharing custom “receipts” made from the tracklists of great albums.

With over 230 posts having been shared to the page since it started four months ago, there’s a fairly broad spectrum of music covered, and there’s something visually appealing about seeing album details in that format.

Inspired by the account, a developer named Michelle Liu has since created a pretty cool plug-in called Receiptify. It generates similarly-styled custom receipts out of your own personalised Spotify listening history – a little like the streaming service’s own personalised year-end lists, but in docket format.

Head here, pop in your Spotify account details and it’ll generate an #aesthetic 10-song receipt based on what you’ve listened to in the most in the past month, past six months, and all time.

As with @albumreceipts, the lists generated by Receiptify have each track’s duration as an amount, with the collated total “charged” at the end. Liu tweeted the plug-in out over the weekend, and as you might expect, it was an immediate hit on Twitter, with thousands of users having since crafted and shared their own custom shopping lists comprised of their favourite tracks.

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