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Image for This Aussie Band Promises To Break Up As Soon As Tony Abbott Is Not PM

This Aussie Band Promises To Break Up As Soon As Tony Abbott Is Not PM

Written by Emmy Mack on February 18, 2015

It’s safe to say there are a lot of people out there who don’t fancy having Tony Abbott as Australian Prime Minister, including one third of his own party room. But one pair of local musos has taken those feelings of malcontent to the next level by launching a brand-new musical project, with the single objective of ending Abbott’s PMship, once and for all.

Not-for-profit political punk rock outfit Until Abbott Gets Gone, the brainchild of Joe Gould and Gordon Wallace from beloved Sydney post-apocalyptic world music/gypsy punk/chainsaw folk act The Crooked Fiddle Band, has been spawned to last exactly as long as Tone does in office.

“We exist until Abbott is no longer Australia’s PM,” the band declares on their official Facebook page. “Love us? Support us against Abbott. Hate us? Protest Abbott and we promise to break up when he gets gone.”

The duo has already released their debut single, Climate Sceptic, which is available as both a stream and a name-your-price download via their Bandcamp account.

The boys from Until Abbott Gets Gone have also told The Music that 100% of all profits collected from the song will be donated directly to Greenpeace and the Climate Council.

Listen: Until Abbott Gets Gone – Climate Sceptic

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