This Jam Session Between Strangers Will Restore Your Faith In Music

While much of YouTube is composed of whiny video blogs, responses to the whiny video blogs, responses to the responses to the whiny video blogs, or something to do with kittens, occasionally one can stumble into something that will warm your heart and even restore your hope for music.

Case in point is this clip of three apparently random strangers who began an impromptu jam outside of a supermarket in the US. According to the description offered by the guy who originally shot the footage (via YouTube user Chris Cooper), “I was walking to Kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming.”

The jam begins with a skilled street musician playing a catchy tune on an acoustic guitar, before another gentleman begins playing on his refrain of “Tell her that I just don’t know“. The two are soon joined by a third man, who not only adds to the infectious harmony, but spits a couple of bars.

Watch: Impromptu Jam Session Between Three Strangers

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