“Three Random Guys” Jam Session Gets Star-Studded Kimmel Re-Enactment

Displeased with his own efforts of not orchestrating that #viral impromptu jam session currently doing the rounds online, the master of virality himself Jimmy Kimmel has taken things up a notch, enlisting the help of the original musicians as well as some special guests to recreate the moment for his YouTube channel.

Kicking things off with the same guitared busker, Old Mate Sixers Fan takes to the stage, shoulder towel and all. It’s now that it becomes apparent that this rendition will be far more unnatural and awkward than the original, but well worth watching.

Random Construction Worker #1, also seen in the original video eventually makes his way to the stage and it’s now when things start to get funky. Before long, the brass section has joined in, followed by A-lister Trey Songz who is closely followed by Juicy J, Aloe Blacc and what appears to be a full gospel choir.

Towards the end, those remaining on stage are sorta just…standing there…waiting for something to happen. Eventually, a stage producer of sorts ushers them off leaving the original guitarist, and a brand new viral video on Kimmel’s YouTube channel.

Watch: The Amazing Jam Session Guys feat. Trey Songz, Juicy J and Aloe Blacc

Watch: The Original

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