This Twitter Account Making Kanye West Dance To Random Music Is Glorious

After Kanye West announced he is planning to run for US President at yesterday’s 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, it’s only fair that the internet has a little bit of fun at his expense.

That fun has come in the form of the ‘Kanye Dancing To’ Twitter account, which is, as we speak, overdubbing Kanye’s relaxed but oh-so-slightly-stoned VMA dance moves with some brilliantly random music.

‘Kanye Dancing To’ has made Yeezy get down to the likes of The Wiggles’ Fruit Salad, Spice Girls’ Wannabe, One Direction’s Best Song Ever and the theme song from That’s So Raven. There’s even a #kanyeforpresident version to boot.

Racking up over 10,000 followers in less than 24 hours, ‘Kanye Dancing To’ is continuing to pump out mashup after glorious mashup. Catch a selection of our favourite ‘Kanye Dancing To’ clips, below.

Aside from getting his slightly awkward boogie on at this year’s VMAs, Kanye also graced the world with a rambling 13-minute acceptance speech in which he said he will join the US presidential race in 2020. Even The White House had something to say about that.

UPDATE 02/09/15: Because sometimes the internet is a wonderful place, the ‘Kanye Dancing To’ Twitter account has made some new additions, including a very excited Yeezy dancing to a Smash Mouth classic. Enjoy those below.

New Additions:

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