MTV VMAs 2015


Azealia Banks Weighs in on VMAs – Contest Of The Basics

So it was bound to happen, Queen La-Beef-a Azealia Banks has let us all know how she feels about the VMAs, in particular the whole Miley Cyrus/Nicki Minaj beef. Picking up her weapon of choice, aka Twitter, she first fired off a bitter bard at Miley over her hosting. “Miley Cyrus HAS to know her […]


Billie Joe Armstrong Reckons The VMAs Aren’t Supporting Rock Bands

Yesterday’s 2015 MTV Video Music Awards saw pop royalty bask in the spotlight of one of the biggest music award shows of the year, but Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong believes the VMAs aren’t showing enough support for up-and-coming rock acts. Taking to Twitter following this year’s VMAs ceremony, Armstrong posted, “Just watched VMAs. Seriously […]


This Twitter Account Making Kanye West Dance To Random Music Is Glorious

After Kanye West announced he is planning to run for US President at yesterday’s 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, it’s only fair that the internet has a little bit of fun at his expense. That fun has come in the form of the ‘Kanye Dancing To’ Twitter account, which is, as we speak, overdubbing Kanye’s […]


The White House Has Actually Responded To The Whole Kanye-For-President Thing

The (Kanye) West Wing? Bound 2 Be President? Jesus Walks (into the Oval Office)? Kanye West reached critical levels of Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday, veering off in the middle of a sprawling “bro” laden diatribe to randomly announce plans to run for President of the United States. Naturally, the internet […]

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