This Is Why I Love Coldplay: New Awesome Video Released

Ok, the band who can’t possibly have any use for more publicity has done it again.

Whether you love them or hate them you can’t deny this fact: Coldplay have commissioned an astoundingly awesome new music video for Strawberry Swing. The whole video is a chalk animation done around Chris Martin laying on the ground. By sliding him around and drawing things around him the video clip tells the tale of a superhero attempting to save a princess from a deranged squirrel. Apparently there is no cgi, these guys spent a whole week drawing things around the Coldplay lead singer and filming it all! It was made by an artist collective called ‘Shynola’ who have been responsible for the clips to Radiohead’s Pyramid Song, Beck’s E-Pro and Queens of The Stone Age’s Go With The Flow, amongst others. Shynola create original ideas for each of their videos, if after a few weeks of listening to a song they can’t come up with an idea that thrills them they will knock back the contract. This video had a cinema release in the UK, playing in front of Bruno and The Proposal.

Watch Strawberry Swing now, it has to be seen to be believed

And read an interview with the wonder people who made if: Shynola

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