Tina Arena Doesn’t Want Margaret Court Arena Renamed ‘Tina Arena Arena’

Aussie music legend Tina Arena has confirmed that she doesn’t want Melbourne’s newly-controversial Margaret Court Arena to be renamed ‘Tina Arena Arena’, even though it would be so perfect it hurts.

Speaking with The Music about calls for a renaming of the venue following its namesake’s recent homophobic remarks, Arena says she doesn’t like the sound of ‘Tina Arena Arena’.

“No, no, no — it doesn’t have the right ring to it,” she said of the idea.

“Margaret Court is gonna have her opinion. She is of a particular generation. She’s entitled to her own opinion. We live in a free country, supposedly, and a democracy where somebody is able to express themselves and also understanding very well that that expression also may be challenged.

“Now that’s what it’s about. Whatever she thinks and feels she can say. I don’t necessarily agree with it. But I don’t think [the arena] should be called after me. I’m flattered by it, and everyone has a good giggle and I have a good giggle.”

Instead of naming the arena ‘Tina Arena Arena’, the singer has suggested that the venue be named after Indigenous Australian tennis champion Evonne Goolagong Cawley, “Because she’s our first real star tennis player who is a real Australian.”



Margaret Court was previously made fun of by Ryan Adams during his recent trip to Australia, with the American singer-songwriter teasing the tennis veteran before he played in the arena named after her.

Meanwhile, Arena is heading out on a huge tour of Australia this September, but she won’t be performing at Tina Arena Arena Margaret Court Arena, thankfully.

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