Tom Morello Flips Over Pancakes, Rages Against Seattle Cafe

Rage Against The Machine guitarist and activist Tom Morello took to his Twitter account over the weekend to angrily criticise a Seattle Cafe for being “anti-worker” and having a “super-rude staff” after he and his crew were reportedly denied both entry and, consequently, pancakes.

“Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word,” wrote the angry, and likely hungry musician, in the hours following his performance with Audioslave bandmate Chris Cornell as part of a benefit concert fighting for the establishment of a $15 minimum wage in Seattle.

He then added he was, “willing to forgive the Seattle Evil (Egg) Empire 5 Points Cafe doorman powertrip if good guy owner D Meinert fully embraces #15Now min wage.” Following the outburst, owner David Meinert responded with a lengthy letter on Facebook, in which he defended his doorman, the café’s pro worker stance and accused Morello of “acting like a prick.”

He said Morello and his entourage allegedly tried to get “a special room” at café even though the place was already “at capacity” and there was “a line” of people waiting to get in. “Rock stars don’t get special treatment at The 5 Point. We could give less of a shit,” he wrote.

To mark their point, the cafe has since adapted the tagline underneath their sign to read, “Eggs Against The Machine.” As it’s 2014 and the internet has erupted with news of the online feud, Morello has tried to clear up his account of what happened, admitting he regrets that his “Twitter bitching” kicked off the whole “Pancake-Gate” debacle.

He also offered up his “non-140 character blow by blow of the ‘Encounter At @The5PointCafe'” in which he accuses the doorman of refusing his party, which included his Kenyan brother, entry even though there were free tables inside the restaurant.

“It was like a hipster version of a Studio 54 doorman,” he writes. “At that point my band mate made a flavorful declaration and we decamped to the trusty, attitude free, IHOP where we enjoyed a drama free stack of hotcakes.”

“I question what underlying motives the doorman may have had. Bad day? Anti-Kenyan? Preferred the Spin Doctors?,” he added. Meinert, whose restaurant is no doubt enjoying great free advertising from this feud, has again responded. The pancake war rages on.

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Image via The 5 Point Cafe Facebook

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