Tom Morello Going Back To Rage Roots On New Album: “It’s Just Time To Rock”

Ex-Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has revealed he’s working on a new album, casually dropping that this will be the first time he’s made a really big rock album since being in now-defunct supergroup Audioslave.

Morello stated that the new record won’t be a part of his solo project The Nightwatchman, under which he’s released three folk albums since Audioslave disbanded in 2007; the latest of which, World Wide Rebel Songs, came out in 2011.

The 49-year-old axe man wants a change in direction, telling Bloody Disgusting:

“It’s just time to rock and I’ve written a batch of songs with huge riffs and huge grooves. I’m working it out with my band now and we’re about five songs deep at this point, but we’re taking our time with it. It will definitely be a release-the-hounds effort.”

Morello recently added another string to his bow, releasing the first edition of his comic book Orchid with artist Scott Hepburn, saying that he drew on his musical experiences for inspiration. “I wanted to make a graphic novel that was going to have all the visceral mosh-pit frenzy of a Rage Against the Machine concert, but still have dark introspection of a Nightwatchman coffee house show.”

Orchid is out now and, as soon as those heavy new tunes get a release date, we’ll be the first to let you know.

(via Blabbermouth)

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